Steel ECN35 (Mat.No. 1.5752, DIN 14NiCr14, AISI 3310, 3415)
Designation by Standards

Brand NameRavne No.Mat. No.DINENAISI
ECN357451.575214NiCr14-3310, 3415

Chemical Composition (in weight %)

0.17max. 0.400.550.75-3.25---

Alloyed carbon steel.

Components with large cross section requiring high toughness and core strength, e.g., gears, gear shafts, crankshafts.

Physical properties (avarage values) at ambient temperature
Modulus of elasticity [103 x N/mm2]: 210
Density [g/cm3]: 7.83
Thermal conductivity [W/m.K]: 34.0
Electric resistivity [Ohm mm2/m]: 0.20
Specific heat capacity[J/g.K]: 0.46

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 10-6 oC-1


Continuous Cooling Transformation (CCT) Diagram

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Time-Temperature Transformation (TTT) Diagram

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Soft Annealing
Heat to 610-650oC, cool slowly. This will produce a maximum Brinell hardness of 229.

Case-hardening: 880-980oC, oil (water), warm bath at 160-250oC. Carburising: Salt bath at 580-650oC, case-hardening box, air.
Direct hardening: 880-890oC, oil, hot bath at 160-250oC.
Core refining: 840-880oC, oil, hot bath at 160-250oC.
Case refining: 780-820oC, oil, hot bath at 160-250oC.

Normalizing temperature: 850 - 880oC.

Tempering temperature: 150 - 200oC.

Hardenability in the end-quench test

H max.48484847454442413835343433
H min.41414140383633302422222121
HH max.48484847454442413835343433
HH min.43434342403936342926262525
HL max.46464645434138373331303029
HL min.41414140383633302422222121

Hot forming temperature: 1050-850oC.

No data.

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