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Hot Rolled Steel Products, Forged Bar & Forging, Stainless Steel Wire Rod&Flat Bar, Welded Pipe,Wire and Strip, Blade Steel for Steam Turbine, Seamless Steel Tube&Pipe, Nuclear Power Tube&Pipe, Titanium and Titanium Alloy, Tool Steel and Die Steel,Metallurgical Complex Dual(multi)Metal Tube & Pipe, High-Temperature Alloys&Corrosion Resistant Alloy, Commodity Ingot  Bright Steel Products,etc.
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Hot Rolled Steel Products
Hot Rolled Steel Products
Manusteelcn owns advanced equipments and strong technology power,as U.H.P,(non) vacuum induction furnace,LF,VD(VOD),ESR,alloyed steel billet continuous casting machine,high precision alloy steel wire and bar mills,650*700 hot rolled steel strip rolling machine,800*300 vertical mill,400/800*700 four-high stand,650*3 rolling mill,550 flat bar continuous rolling mills,and forms a complete rolling production line.
The main products are special steels that are hot rolled rod, hot rolled flat bar and wire rods,as stainless steel,tool and die steel,high temperature alloy steel,blade steel, carbon steel,alloy steel,military new trial products,widely used in aviation,aerospace,machinery,automobile,petroleum,chemical,and mould industries and got the high praise from the general customers.

Production Equipment

Category Hot rolled bar Hot rolled flat bar Hot rolled wire rods
Diameter(mm) Standard TxWxL(mm) Standard Diameter(mm) Standard
Carbon steel Φ12~280 GB/T699、
4~150*310~610*2000~7000 16~60*205~305*≥1500 Φ5.5-17
alloy steel Φ12~250 GB/T3077、
4~150*310~610*2000~7000 16~60*205~305*≥1500 Φ5.5-17
low-alloy steel Φ12~250 GB1591、
4~150*310~610*2000~7000 Φ5.5-17
Carbon tool steel Φ12~250 GB/T1298、
4~150*310~610*2000~7000 Φ5.5-17
alloy tool steel Φ12~250 GB/T1299、
4~150*310~610*2000~7000 16~60*205~305*≥1500 Φ5.5-17
High speed tool steel Φ12~250 GB/T9942 4~150*310~610*2000~7000 Φ5.5-17
spring Φ12~250 GB/T1222、
4~40*310~610*2000~7000 Φ5.5-17
bearing Φ12~250 GB/T18254、
stainless steel Φ12~250 GB/T1220 4~150*310~610*2000~7000 Φ5.5-17
heat resistant steel Φ12~250 GB/T1221 4~10*1000*2000 Φ5.5-17
high temperature steel Φ12~250 GJB3165 4~10*1000*2000 Φ5.5-17
cold forging steel Φ12~250 GB/T6478 Φ5.5-17
gas-valve steel Φ12~250 GB/T12773 Φ5.5-17
welded wire Φ12~250 Φ5.5-11.5
Hot Rolled Steel Production Line:
Carbon steel,alloy steel,low-alloyed steel,carbon tool steel,alloy tool steel,high speed tool steel,spring,bearing,stainless steel,heat resistant stteel,high temperature alloy,cold forging steel,gas-valve steel,welded wire.
Forged Bar & Forging
Forged Bar & Forging
Manusteelcn owns advanced equipments and strong technique power,as U.H.P, LF,VD(VOD),ESR,(non)vacuum induction furnace,consumable electrode vacuum furnace,4500 tons and 2000 tons free-forging hydraulic press set, electrode-hydraulic hammer etc.,and formed complete forging lines.It has the capacity to produce bar, mould,axle,cylinder,disc,ring and special shaped forged bar and forging.The annual output of finished products is more than 50000 tons.It is the largest production base of special steel forging in Southwest region.
The main products are special steel forging products that are stainless steel,tool and die steel, high temperature alloys,blade steel,carbon steel, alloy steel, military new trial materials and so on ,which are widely used in aviation, aerospace, machine,automobile,vessel,petroleum,chemical and mould industries,and get the high praise from general customers.

Production Equipment

Category Forged Bar Axial forging Ring and flan forgings Module forging
technical standard DiaXL(mm) Unit weight(Kg) ODXL(mm) Unit weight(Kg) TxW(mm) Unit weight(Kg)
Carbon structural steel Φ80~450 GB/T699、
≤4200 Φ500~1500
≤4200 100~400
Alloy structural steel Φ80~450 GB/T3077、
≤4200 Φ500~1500
≤4200 100~400
Low alloyed steel Φ80~450 GB1591、
≤4200 Φ500~1500
≤4200 100~400
Carbon tool steel Φ80~350 GB/T1298、
Alloy tool steel Φ80~350 GB/T1299、
≤3500 Φ400~1200
≤3500 100~300
High speed tool steel Φ80~250 GB/T9942
Spring steel Φ80~250 GB/T1222、
Bearing steel Φ80~350 GB/T18254、
≤3500 Φ400~1500
Stainless steel Φ80~350 GB/T1220 Φ180~650
≤3500 Φ400~1500
≤3500 100~300
Heat-resistant steel Φ80~350 GB/T1221 Φ180~650
≤3500 Φ400~1500
≤3500 100~300
super-alloy steel Φ80~300 GJB3165 Φ150~400
≤2000 Φ300~1200
Forged Bar & Forging
Carton structural steel,Alloy structural steel,Low alloyed steel,Carbon tool steel,Alloy tool steel,High speed tool steel,Spring steel,Bearing steel,Stainless steel,Heat-resistant steel,Super-alloy steel.
Stainless Steel Wire Rod&Flat Bar
Stainless Steel Wire Rod & Flat Bar
Manusteelcn has ultra-high-power U.H.P,LF,VD,ESR,alloy steel billet continuous casting machine,825MM rougher and finishing mill,high-precision alloy steel wire rod and bar rolling mill,650MM*700 hot rolling strip mill,4500tons and 2000tons of free forging hydraulic press set,electro-hydraulic hammer and other advanced equipment and strong technical force,formed a complete line of stainless steel.
Our prime products are forged round bar,hot rolled round bar,hot rolled flat bar, hot rolled wire rod, by widely used in aviation,space flight,atomic energy,nuclear energy and petroleum,chemical engineering,oceanology industry etc.
The stainless steel bar manufactured by Manusteelcn had obtained "Golden Cup" of national level for quality.
Technical data sheet

Category Specification Delivery condition standard
Forged round bar Φ80~350 forged、annealed、polished、turned GB、Agreement
Hot rolled round bar Φ12~220 forged、annealed GB
Hot rolled wire rods Φ5.5~17 forged、annealed、solution treatment GB
Hot rolled flat bar 4~150*310~610*2000~7000 forged、annealed GB
Technical data sheet

Grade GB Similar Grade
1Cr17Ni7 301 X12CrNi177 SUS301
1Cr18Ni9 302 X12CrNi188 SUS302
0Cr18Ni9 304 X5CrNi189 SUS304
00Cr19Ni10 304L X2CrNi189 SUS304L
0Cr17Ni12Mo2 316 X5CrNiMo1810 SUS316
00Cr17Ni12Mo2 316L X2CrNiMo1810 SUS316L
0Cr18Ni10Ti 321 X10CrNiTi189 SUS321
5Cr21Mn9Ni4N SUH35
2Cr21Ni12N SUH37
0Cr18N11Nb 347 X10CrNiNb189 SUS347
1Cr17 430 X8Cr17 SUS430
1Cr13 410 X10Cr13 SUS410
2Cr13 420 X20Cr13 SUS420JI
1Cr17Ni2 431 X22CrNi17 SUS431
9Cr18 440C X105CrMo17 SUS440C
9Cr18MoV 440B X90CrMoV18 SUS440B
4Cr9Si2 X45CrSi93 SUH1
4Cr10Si2Mo SUH3
0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 630 SUS630
0Cr17Ni7Al 631 X7CrNiAl177 SUS631
0Cr25NiMo2Al 632 SUS632
Technical data sheet:
Forged round bar,Hot rolled round bar,Hot rolled wire rods,Hot rolled flat bar.
Welded Pipe,Wire and Strip
Welded pipe,wire and strip
Manusteelcn has 400 semi-continuous hot strip mill; 350 four-roller reversible cold rolling mill,15 tons gas-fired bell-type furnace,solid-state high-frequency welded pipe mill,Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine,Continuous bright heat treatment furnace.With a complete roll of hot-rolled band,cold-rolled strip and wire,welding steel pipe,steel wire production line,can produce high-quality hot,cold roll band,welded pipe,steel wire products,The products are widely used in construction,hardware,machinery and other industries.
Low-voltage transmission fluid welded steel pipe won the famous brand in Sichuan Province since 1995.
Cold rolled steel strip:
Carbon steel,Alloy steel,High quality carbon steel,Spring steel,Carbon tool sheet,
Stainless steel,Belt and cartridge used steel.
Hot rolled steel  strip:

Carbon steel,Alloy steel,High quality carbon steel,Stainless steel Spring steel,        Carbon tool sheet,
high-quality carbon structural steel wire,drive pin,spoke,alloy structural steel wire,alloyed tool steel wire,spring steel wire,carbon tool steel wire,
cold heading stainless steel wire,spring steel used stainless steel wire,welded stainless steel wire,bearing steel wire,welded using wire.
Welded pipe:
fluid transmission welded pipe, longitudinally-welded pipe,motorcycle accessories pipe.

Blade Steel for Steam Turbine
Blade Steel for Steam Turbine
Blade steel for steam tutbine manufactured by Manusteelcn divides into 3 classifications by application:ordinary material of blade used by traditional unit;blade steel used by supercritical unit;blade steel used by nuclear electrical energy.The main gradesare,
1.Ordinary blade steel
With 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb as the representative of PH martensitic stainless steel; With2Cr12NiMo1W1V as the representative of "616 series blade steel";with 1Cr12Ni2Mo1W1V and M3004 as the representative of "851 series blade steel";With 10Cr9MoVNbN1 and 1Cr9W2MoVNvNB
as the representative of "P91,P92"series blade steel.
The primary prouduction standard is GB/T8732-2004,some material be manufactured according to the enterprise standard of our company.
2.Blade steel used by supercritical unit
With KT5312AS6,KT5300AS5,KT5331ASO(belong to Hitachi,Ltd),1Cr12Ni3Mo2VNbN as the representative,manufactured according to the enterprise standard.
3.Blade steel used by nuclear electrical energy
The main representative grades are 1Cr12Ni2Mo1W1V,2Cr11Mo1VNbN,X5CrMoAl12,1Cr12Mo,X12CrNiMov12-2,0~1Cr13 etc.As the representative grades,which were manufactured according to the enterprise standards.
Product line

Variety Production specification(mm) Delivery condition Technical Standard
Forged bar Φ90~500 Annealed,polished,turned GB8732、Agreement
Rolled bar Φ5.5~200 Annealed,polished,turned GB8732
Flat bar 0.5~20.0X1000X2000 Annealed
Forging(ring,axis) Annealed Agreement
Main grades and specifications:
Forged bar,Rolled bar,Flat bar,Forging(ring,axis)
Seamless Steel Tube&Pipe
Manusteelcn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manusteelcn Steel Group,the professional Manufactures for the domestic use oil and chemical tube,stainless steel pipe.Main equipments are imported from Germany,the United States,Britain,Russia and other countries.Manusteelcn.Employees are received professional skill training and has the abundant research and technical strength
Typical size

Wall thickness(mm) 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 18.0 20.0
Outside diameter(mm)
6-10 O O O
>10-20 O O O O
>20-30 O O O O O
>30-40 O O O O O
>40-50 O O O O O O O
>50-60 O O O O O O O O
>60-76 O O O O O O O O
>76-89 O O O O O O O O O
>89-108 O O O O O O O O O
>108-133 O O O O O O O O O
>133-168 O O O O O O O O O O
>168-219 O O O O O O O O O

Nuclear Power Tube&Pipe
The next 20 years will be a stage of rapid development of China's nuclear power
According go the plan, by 2020,the proportion of China's nuclear power to reach 4%,to 40 million kilowatts installed capacity in 2030 after a total generating capacity of nuclear power capacity has reached 16% of the world average. Therefore, the localization of nuclear power is the key to the development of nuclear power to nuclear power plants,nuclear localization of key materials fo domestic production base.
Inconel 690 nuclear power tubes in the nuclear role of evaporator
Pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant steam generator is a circuit pressure boundary,one of the kdy equipment and bear the heat generated by nuclear reactions transmitted to the secondary circuit for power generation function.Steam generator tube bundle heat transfer accounted for one-loop pressure boundary area of 80%,at present,foreign countries areusing lnconel 690 alloy tube as a heat pipe, its research and development,prepatation and engineering application of technology has always been a Westem scientific and technological power in the core in the field of nuclear energy technical focus.China's current nuclear power plant under construction in the introduction and the steam generator heat transfer tubes are mostly 690 alloy tube matenal.Each block there are three million kilowatt nuclear power plant steam generator,steam generator,the use of each inconel 690 “U”-type heat pipe is about 55 tons,more than 4,000 the number of heat transfer tube root.The heat transfer tube porduction processes and more complex process technolgy,high quality requirements,their production and development is currently in the country is still blank.
The application of nuclear power diodes,transistors 00Cr19Ni10(Z2CN1810) heat exchange tubes in nuclear power stations
Nuclear power diodes,transistors 00Cr19Ni10(Z2CN1810) two-loop heat-exchange tubes for nuclear power stations,located between the nuclear island and conventional island,the ain circuit is a steam generator in energy transfer to the conventional island gas turbine,which will stimulate the steamship operation of power generation units in the whole plant has an important role.That part of the steel pipe specification more than the length of long, high volume,production process morecomplicated,currently in the country at the preliminary stage of production and develpopment.
July 2007 Manusteelcn Steel Co.,Ltd.and China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute set up a joint venture ---Manusteelcn Nuclear energy special Steel Co.,the use of the technological advantages of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute and Manusteelcn steel production advantages and cooperative development of nuclear 23 stainless steel tube and a loop-loop high-temperature alloy tube(Inconel 690 “U”-type heat transfer tube).
Nuclear energy company's production entity,Manusteelcn Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.,the company is one of the doestic,as well as Asia's most powerful stainless seamless steel pipe manufacturers,Its production advantages:
(A)Advanced smelting technology and equipment:
Steel smelting furnace can be ,respectively,2ton/6ton vacuum induction furnace, 5-ton electro-slag furnace,P7 vacuum consumable electrode furnace fefining furnace, complete in order to ensure the purity of steel.
(B)Advanced Pipe Technology and Equipment
1,the introduction of international advanced level of equipment 3150 tons extrusion unit, the device is difficult for high-temperature alloys deformed metals production.
2,using advanced modern Pilger cold-rolled pipe length,size,high precision and good surface quality.
3,U.S.imports of bright heat treatment furnace muffle tube,using automatic temperature control and heat meter speed,furnace temperature and the tube temperature error of less than +-5oc,after heat treatment of steel pipes to ensure that the surface of bright, organized an excellent,stable performace,the same batch small differences in heat pipe performance.
4,from Germany to introduce an eight-headband-type polishing machine polishing belt elastic contact with the pipe will not cause burns on the surface of the tube will not affect the use of the product performace.By polishing.can further improve the surface quality of steel and size tolerances,thereby to obtain accurate size and smooth surface.
5,the company has many sets of ultrasonic flaw detectors,eddy current flaw detector,fully satisfy the requirements of ASME and RCCM standards,which the copany imported from Germany Nuke Mu set of the current system of pipes in China's metallurgical enterprises in the most advanced ultrasonic/eddy current Joint Inspection Unit,can be vertical and horizontal pipe length testing,flaw detection and high accuracy.
(C)perfect quality assurance
Manusteelcn Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.passed the Certification Center of China's new era of national military standard quality system certification,nuclear power company is currently under HAf003"Nuclear Power Plant Safety Requirements of Quality Assurance" and related guidelines,the establishment of a "nuclear-pipe manufacturing quality assurance system."
In order to speed up the nuclear steam generator heat transfer tubes made of materials such as nuclear engineering process,and enhancing our own R&D capabilities,promoting the development of China's nuclear power industry,in jujy 2007 Manusteelcn lron and Steel Group,Manusteelcn Steel Co.,Ltd.and China Nuclear power institute a joint venture of the Manusteelcn Nuclear Energy Special Steel Co.,the joint development of nuclear power diodes,transistors tubes and steam generators with Inconel690"U"-shaped.
Manusteelcn Nuclear Energy Special Steel Co.,Ltd.positioning of special steel products for the nuclear engineering research and development,production and sales,including from the extruded tube blanks to finished tube,the product profile of the whole process'sinitial production target of 350 tons of nuclear power tubes Planning for the annual production target of 500 tons of nuclear power tubes and other nuclear engineering with a special flat steel,bars and other products.
Copany's main production---- Manusteelcn Group Steel Co., China'skey R&D of special steel production base in key national defense industry company,is a domestic cheical,fertilizer,chemical fiber tubes and aviation and aerospace professionals with the stainless steel tube manufacturers,has the doestic advanced lever of technical equipment and testing.testing tools,such as cold-rolled tubes of advanced production technology,degreasing technology,bright heat treatment technology and ultrasound combined eddy current testing technologies,and products of superior performance,for the nuclear power tube research and development and production provides and important basic condition.Nuclear Power Institute of China is "the cradle of China's nuclear power project",is engaged in nuclear reactor engineering research,design,testing,operation and mass production as one of the large-scale comprehensive research base,has designed,built China's first press water type nuclear power reactors,the first High Flux Engineering Text Reactor,the first pulse reactor,in order to Qinshan,Daya Bay,Lingao,Tianwan nuclear power plant to provide technical and back-up.
The company in 1996 in accordance with GB/T19002-ISO9002 "Quality System - Production,installation and Service Quality Assurance Model" established and passed the quality system certification,and in 2002 successfully passed the 2000 version of the switch version of the work;in 2007,Pipe through a national military standard GJB9001A-2001 quality management system certification.
Company to obtain machinery and equipment for civilian nuclear safety,nuclear grade pipe manufacturing license in September 2007 had full knowledge of the nuclear quality assurance,training and organize relevant personnel to prepare a nuclear power diodes,transistors tubes of the Quality Assurance Program Overview and Outline procedures,all documents have been submitted to the National Nuclear Security Administration on May,2009.At present,it has entered into the stage of making sample.
In August 1999,the company with the Beijing University of Technology,Nuclear Power Institute of China co-operation,adopt advanced smelting of special tooling equipment,plus a vacuum induction furnace smelting technology ESR double by open forging billet,hot-extrusion system of tube following the introduction of SKW75VMR,KPW25VMR mechanism for cold-rolled tube,has successfully developed 19.05*1.09*6500mm standard of nuclear evaporation Used for Inconel 690 sample tube(straight tube),and through the internal appraisal.By the end of 1999 also completed the 15*1.359*6000mm straight pipe trial of Inconel 690.And in early 2000,the Nuclear Power Institute of China's nuclear simulation run 100 hours on the body of scientific research and experiments.

Titanium and Titanium Alloy
Titanium industry Branch of Manusteelcn Steel Co.,Manusteelcn steel Group is located in Sanhe Town,Jiangyou City,Sichuan Province,covering the area about 246.3 acres.In 2009,the phase l of this project put into production and the scale of fitanium and titanium alloy production at 3,000 tons per year.The phase ll construction scale is 10,000tons titanium and titanium alloy of annual production capacity,including the products are titanium and titanium alloy sheet,rods,pipes and tubes,wires,belts and forgings,etc.,and is widely used in aviation,marine engineering,shipbuilding,medical equipment,weapons,auto manufacturing,chemical industry, petrochemical,construction industry,sports facilities,supplies and other fields.The company owns 3 tons and 10 tons consumable electrode vacuum furnaces,80MN hydraulic press,automatic weighting and mixing system,vacuum plasma welding,45MN hydraulic forging press of the domestic and international advanced production equipments.Because the company relies on rich vanadium and titanium magnetite resources of Steel Group,it will build the largest production base of titanium and titanium alloy materials in China.
Titanium and titanium alloy ingot and slab

Grade Variety Size(mm) Standard
TA1~TA28、TB2~TB11、TC1~TC26 ingot Φ650~Φ1000*≤3000
Piece weight:2~10T
TA1~TA11、TA15、TA17、TA18、TC1~TC4、TB2、TB5、TB6、TB8 Slad 90~250*500*1300*≤10000 GB/T3621-2007,
Titanium and titanium alloy round bars

Grade Variet Delivery condition Size(mm) Standard
TA1、TA2、TA3、TA4、TA5、TA6、TA7、TA9、TA10、TA13、TA15、TA19、TB2、TC1、TC2、TC3、TC4、TC4ELI、TC6、TC9、TC10、TC11、TC12 Forged bar Hot working condition
Cold working condition
Annealed condition
Φ(60~350)X≤4000 GB/T2965-2007,
Rolled bar Φ(7~100)X≤6000
Titanium and titanium alloy plates

Grade Manufacturing process Delivery condition Size(mm) Standard
Thickness Width length
TA1、TA2、TA3、TA4、TA5、TA6、TA7、TA8、TA8-1、TA9、TA9-1、TA10、TA11、TA15、TA17、TA18、TC1、TC2、TC3、TC4、TC4ELI Hot rolling Hot working condition
Annealed condition
4.0~12.0 600~1050 1000~2500 GB/T3621-2007,
Cold rolling Cold working condition

Annealed condition

Solution heat treated condition
0.50~4.0 600~1050 1000~2500
TB2 Hot rolling Solution heat treated condition 4.0~10.0 600~1000 1000~2000
Cold rolling 1.0~4.0 600~1000 1000~2000
TB5、TB6、TB8 Cold rolling 1.0~4.0 600~1000 1000~2000
Steel strips

Grade Variety Delivery condition thick*width*long(mm) Standard
TA0、TA1、TA2、TA9、TA10 Cold rolled strip Cold working
Steel coil sheet and plate Cold working 0.50~3.00*1000~1250
Piece weight:5~10T
Hot working 3.00~12.0*1000~1250
Piece weight:5~10T
Tubes and pipes

Grade Manufacturing process Delivery condition Size(OD*WT),mm Standard
TA1、TA2、TA3、TA9、TA9-1、TA10 Cold rolling Annealed condition Φ(3~114)*(0.2~4.5) GB/T3625-2007,
Welding Φ(16~63)*(0.5~2.5)
Welding-cold rolling Φ(6~30)*(0.5~2.0)
Extrusion Hot working condition Φ(25~210)*(6.0~30)
Titanium and titanium alloy steel wires

Grade Size(mm) Delivery condition Standard
TA1、TA1ELI、TA2、TA2ELI、TA3、TA3ELI、TA4、TA4ELI、TA28、TA7、TA9、TA10、TC1、TC2、TC3 0.1~7.0 Hot working condition
Cold working condition
Annealed condition
TA1-1、TC4、TC4ELI 1.0~7.0
Cake materials and ring materials

Categroy Size(mm) Delivery condition Grade Standard
OD ID Height Thickness
Disc materials 150~300 -- 35~140 -- Hot working condition
Annealed condition
TA1、TA2、TA3、TA4、TA9、TC4 GB/T16598-1996,
300~500 -- 35~150 --
500~600 -- 40~110 --
Ring materials 200~400 100~300 35~120 40~150
400~700 150~500 40~160 40~250
700~900 300~700 50~180 40~300
900~1300 400~900 70~250 40~400

Tool Steel and Die Steel
Tool Steel and Die Steel
Manusteelcn Steel Company has U.H.p,LF,VD,ESR,825MM rougher and finishing mill, high-precision ally steel wire rod and bar rolling mill,650MM*700 hot rolling strip ill, 650MM*3 mill train, 550MM 5-stand flat bar tandem mill,4500tons and 2000tons of free forging hydraulic press set,electto-hydraulic hammer and other advanced aquipment and strong technical force, formed a complete line of tool steel and die steel.
OUr prime products are cold-work mould steel,hot-work mould steel and plastic mould steel by forged bar,forged flat bar, hot rolled round bar,hot rolled flat bar,hot rolled wire rod,by widely used in die and mould industries.
The tool steel and die steel round bar,cold-work mould steel flat bar manufactured by  Manusteelcn Steel Co., Manusteelcn  Steel Groug had obtained "Golden cup" of national level for quality.
Product line

Variety size(mm) Delivery condition Standards
forged round bar Φ80~350 annealed,polished GB、reletad agreement
forged module 100~300X300~700 Annealed GB、reletad agreement
rolled round bar Φ12~220 annealed,polished GB、reletad agreement
rolled wire rod Φ5.5~17 Annealed GB、reletad agreement
rolled flat bar 4~150X310~610X2000~7000 Annealed GB、reletad agreement
16~60X205~305(≥1500) Annealed GB、reletad agreement
The variety of Tool Steel and Die Steel:
Forged round bar,forged module,rolled round bar,rolled wire rod,rolled flat bar.
Cold-work mould steel,hot-work mould steel,plastic mould steel.
Metallurgical Complex Dual(multi)Metal Tube & Pipe
Metallurgical complex dual(multi) metal tube and pipe
For the strong corrosion,high wear,high working pressure of the fluid enviroment,the use of pipes,usually of high quality stainless steel or high alloy content of the seamless steel tubes,these tubes add a large number of precious metals because of their prices and generally a few general seamless steel pipe times or several times.over the years,pipe users and manufacturers have been trying to find through different metal compound,thereby to obtain a use meets harsh environment,but also inexpensive,high-performance composite pipe.
At present,although there are such a bi-metallic composite pipe market,but because only a molding process is a simple mechanical compound (explosion forming,bulge forming,drawing,rolling,etc.),internal and external layer of metal is just a simple mechanical interlocking ,its fatal problem is combination of macro-level there is space,it is difficult to meet user requirements.
Metallurgical composite double (multi)metal in recent years,Manusteelcn Seamless Steel Pipe Co,Ltd., Manusteelcn Ductile Lron Pipes AG and Beijing University of Science and Technology to achieve the combined strengths of technology developed for new products. the new metallurgical complex pairs (multi)metal pipe is unique in that:it is the primary industrial material and high-tech combination of the metallurgical process,using centrifugal casting tube by extrusive pipe can be a general carbon steel and stainless steel (e.g.,20# steel +304),
general stainless steel and high-quality stainless steel (e.g, 304 +316 L) can be any of steel and nickel, chromium,molybdenum alloy composite;may also require the user to achieve a variety of multi-layer composite metal.
This completely new type of metallurgical composite pipe can be widely used in petroleum, chemical,marine platforms,and other strong corrosive environment,but also through the inner layer of composite wear-resistant metals,to meet the pulverized coal power plants, mining slag and tail high pulp conveyor Wear work environmental requirements.

Production Equipment
Technology characteristics

Combind with the traditional bi-metal composite pipe machinery compared to the centrifugal casting + extrusion + cold produced in pairs(multi)metal metallurgical production of composite pipes have a greater advantage.Centrifugal casting process using double-metal composite pipe production
With the incomparable advantage of the traditional process,mainly in:
(1)The traditional techique of double metal composite pipe production are combined with mechanical means,while the centrifugal casting technique is used in the liquid layer materials,a combination,so do the real purpose of metallurgical bonding.
(2)The centrifugal casting process is to make molten steel ie much higher than conventional gravity casting a few times under the conditions of coagulation,well-cast tube solve the problem within the loose,the metal density is high;the slag, exhaust effect Well, gas and inclusion content is much better than(the same netallurgical condition of)traditional craftsmanship.
(3)Centrifugal slab the size of high precision, uniforn wall thickness, in order to follow the dimensional accuracy or processer products provides a strong guarantee.
(4)The centrifugal casting process for small-volume,multi-species multi-standard,high quality, high value-added steel pipe production with high flexibility.
(5)For pairs of metal composite pipe can be flexible to change the primary and complex layers of material and thickness to meet the purposes and needs of different industries.

Composite pipe has a good ductility, as well as higher than the mechanical bonding strength of composite materials, to facilitate the realization of conventional reprocessing.
Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant ability

1.Chooseing the composite materials with different can access to excellent ability to resistant corrosion or wear harsh environment to extend the service life of stell pipe.
2.If there is chloride ion stress corrosion cracking generated crack will encounter substrates stopped, Excellent corrosion resistance of alloyed interfance is still to make the pipe very safe.
Perfect Detection Means AND Quality Assurance System

As a raw material tube manufacturer Manusteelcn Ductile Lron Pipes Co.,Lte.of its quality assurance system has passed the SGS of ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification. As a tube deep processing of raw materials in  Manusteelcn  Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.,its quality assurance system has passed the Quality Assurance Center of Sichuan Three Gorges ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and API certification.Manusteelcn,a joint venture company of the Manusteelcn has passed API5LD product certification, ISO9001-2001, standard eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing, and form the German Nuke Mu company has introduced an advanced eddy current, ultrasonic flaw detectuon units conbined, can do eddy current and ultrasonic flaw detection for pipes at the same time,and has a measured diameter,thickness and separation capabilities.

1.the base tube 10#,20# and other carbon structral steel,alloy structural steel and other steel,the inner compound 13Cr, 304,321,316,0 Cr25Ni20,Inconel 600,825 and other corrosion resustant materials or allous are mainly used for linling corrosion resistance requirements and the outer wall have a higher demand on the strength of the fluid pipeline.
2.the base tube for corrsion resistance of stainless steel or alloy, and the inner composite carbon structural steel,alloy structural steel,mainly sued for the wall support requires intersity,decoration and heat exchanger pipes with the outer surface requires corrosion resistance and aesthetic requirements,.
3.the base tube Cr5-Cr12 hot strong stell,heat-resistant steel,corrosion resistant stainless steel or alloy inner compounde; have a higher corrosion resistance requirement is maing used for lining and the outer wall of the corrosion less demanding requirements,there are certain hot-strong capacity required fluid pipeline.
4.special tube and pipe

1.Hot extruded composite tube,D:Φ76~Φ219mm;T:6~30mm.
2.Finish rolling composite tube,D:Φ25~Φ219mm;T:2.5~30mm.
Centrifugal casting+extrusion+cold rolling,
Centrifugal casting+extrusion.

High-Temperature Alloys&Corrosion Resistant Alloy
High-temperature alloys and corrosion resistant alloy
Manusteelcn as Chinese major high-temperature alloys and corrosion resistant alloy development and production base,commitment to the development of China s large number of tasks,has access to the former Ministry of Metallurgy,National Defense Science and Techology Commission of Science,Technology and the State more than 20 one,two,third prize.A wealth of production experience ,adcanced technological process,frist-class technology and equiprment made  Manusteelcn in high-temperature alloys and corrosion resustant alloy production and development unique.
Production of hige-temperature alloy nickel-base alloys,iron-based alloys,cobalt-based alloys,in order to GH4169 GH3128,GH163 as the representatives,are widely used in aviation, aerospace and other industries.With the corrosion resistance of alloy GH600 represented major projects in the chemical industry,applied,the product quality and stability and well received by users.
Product line

Variety Production
Main Product Main application technical standard
Hot rolled
Cold rolled flat bar
Hot rolled
flat bar:

Cold rolled
flat bar:
hot rolled
combustor and afterbumer parts and similar components,heat steam generators and other chemical industries in the harsh corrosive environment component timber GJB3165-98、GJB1954-94、GB/T14996-1994、GB/T14995-1994、HB5495-92、HB6571-92、HB5332-92、GBn179-82、GBn180-82、Q/JBB099-93、CJXS047-2005、
ASME ect
Hot rolled round bar Φ8~100 hot rolled
aero-engine turbine and other high temperature thermal oxidation using strong materials,engine components,reachor structural materials of various anti-radiation GJB1955-94、YB/T5245-93、GBn177-82、GJB3165-98、HB5497-92、CJXS047-2005、CJXS051-2005、CJXS040-2006、
ASME ect
Forged round bar Φ110~350 Hot forged&polished

hot forged& turned
Aero-engine,turbine,nuclear power and aircraft engines turbine and other high temperature thermal oxidation using strong materials,engine parts materials GJB1955-94、YB/T5245-93、GBn177-82、HB5497-92、CJXS047-2005、
ASME ect
sidestep axle,turbine disc Hot forged
&polished turned
Aero-engine turbine disc turbine shaft with the GJB3182-99、HB5423-89、
ASME ect
Commodity Ingot
The commodity ingot for rolling and forging use is a new product which is our company developed in recent years to meet the demand of market,and it lasting for 2 years.Also,it has finished the ingot shape design and development of 5.5~38 tons forging used octagon ingot,optimized and immobilized the production process flow and product quality meet the national standards and industrial standards.Meanwhile,our product categories include carbon steel,alloy steel, tool and die steel,stainless steel,etc.The products are widely used in military,aviation,chemical,energy and other fields.
Production Equipment

Aplicable scope of forging disc,ring,barrel,special shaped steel and big norms commodity ingot in present GB standard.

1.Product orders are using agreement CJX-L040-2008"Universal Technical Condition of Manusteelcn Merchandise ingot of Forging Use".
2.Chemical composition analyzing of forged materials and sampling method are according to the related state products standard and permissible tolerances for product analysis according to GB standard 222-84.
3.Under the condition of ensuring the forging ratio(carbon and alloy structural steel>=3.0, high-alloyed steel>=4.0),the finished products after ingot forging should meet the standard JB/T 5000.15-1988 Ⅲ Level flaw detection.

Steel species typical grade Standard
High quality carbon structural steel 10-45、65Mn GB/T699-1999
Alloy structural steel 40Cr、42Cr Mo、27SiMn、20CrMnTi、35CrMnSiA、12Cr1MoV、37SiMn2MoV、38CrMoAI、40CrMnMo、40CrNiMoA GB/T3077-1999
Low-alloy and high strength steel Q295、Q345 GB/T1591-1994
Carbon tool steel T10A GB/T1298-1986
Alloy tool steel 9Cr2、9SiCr、5CrMnMo、5CrNiMo GB/T1299-2000
Spring steel 60Si2Mn、60Si2CrVA GB/T1222-1984
Bearing steel G20CrNi2Mo、G20Cr2Ni4 GB/T3203-1982
GCr15 GB/T18254-2002
Stainless steel 0~4Cr13、0~1Cr18Ni9 GB/T1220-1992
Heat-resistance steel 1Cr5Mo GB/T1221-1992
Gear-used steel 17CrNiMo6 Agreement
Steel for pressure vessel use 20MnMo、16Mn、15CrMo、12Cr1MoV Agreement
Steel for power statio equipment use 34CrNiMo、34CrNi3Mo、30Cr1Mo1V、35CrMoV、34CrMo、34CrMo1 Agreement
Boiler steel P12、P22 Agreement
Hot rolled ribbed rebar using steel 20MnSi Agreement

Commodity ingot specification ingot weight(kg) Note
3t(flat/square) 2760/2900 forging/rolling using ingot
3.2t(flat/square) 3170/3240 forging/rolling using ingot
3.5t(rectangle) 3500 forging/rolling using ingot
4.6t(square) 4600 forging/rolling using ingot
Φ430~650(ripple) 1600~5500 punching using ingot
5.5t(rectangle) 5500 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ770/5t(octagon) 5000~5500 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ870/7t(octagon) 6000~8000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ950/9t(octagon) 7500~9000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ1070/12t(octagon) 9500~12000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ1130/15t(octagon) 12500~15000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ1210/17t(octagon) 15500~17000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ1230/19t(octagon) 17500~19000 forging and stamping using ingot
Φ1385/25~38t(octagon) 22000~38000 forging and stamping using ingot

Bright Steel Products
Manusteelcn has U.H.P,(non)vacuum induction furnace,LF,VD(VOD),ESR,billet continuous casting machine,825mm blooming and finishing mill,high precision alloy steel continuous mill,S80 peeling machine, wire rod peeling mill and straight rod peeling mill and other advanced equipments and strong technique power and formed a complete bright bar production line.
The main products are special steel peeled bar and polished bar as stainless steel.tool and die steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,spring steel,bearing steel,heat resistant steel and so on,which are widely used in aviation,aerospace,machine,automobile,vessel,petroleum,chemical and mould industries,and get the high praise from general customers.

Production Equipment

Category peeled bar polished bar
Diameter(mm) technical standard Diameter(mm) technical standard
carbon structural steel Φ5~300 GB/T699.related agreement Φ8~38
alloy structural steel Φ5~300 GB/T3077.related agreement Φ8~38
low alloyed steel Φ5~300 GB/T1591.related agreement Φ8~38
carbon tool steel Φ5~300 GB/T1298.related agreement Φ8~38
alloy tool steel Φ5~300 GB/T1299.related agreement Φ8~38
high speed steel Φ5~300 GB/T9942.related agreement Φ8~38
spring steel Φ5~300 GB/T1222.related agreement Φ8~38
bearing steel Φ5~300 GB/T18254.related agreement Φ8~38
stainless steel Φ5~300 GB/T1220.related agreement Φ8~38
heat-resistant steel Φ5~300 GB/T1221.related agreement Φ8~38
gas-valve steel Φ5~300 GB/T12773.related agreement Φ8~38

               Minerals & Metallurgy


      Aluminum Bars
      Aluminum Coils
      Aluminum Pipes
      Aluminum Powder
      Aluminum Profiles
      Aluminum Sheets      
      Aluminum Strips
      Aluminum Wire
      Other Aluminum

Asbestos Products




      Aluminum Billets
      Other Billets
      Steel Billets 


Cast & Forged   

Cemented Carbide   

Ceramic Fiber Products

       Ceramic Fiber Blankets
       Ceramic Fiber Boards
       Ceramic Fiber Cloth    
       Ceramic Fiber Paper  
       Ceramic Fiber Rope   
       Ceramic Fiber Yarn   
       Ceramic Tape  
       Other Ceramic Fiber Products

   Ceramics   Copper 

       Copper Bars    
       Copper Cathode  
       Copper Pipes  
       Copper Powder  
       Copper Sheets 
       Copper Strips 
       Copper Wire   
       Other Copper

Fiberglass Products

      Fiberglass Cloth   
      Fiberglass Mat  
      Fiberglass Mesh   
      Fiberglass Yarn   
      Other Fiberglass Products


Graphite Products

      Graphite Crucible   
      Graphite Electrodes  
      Graphite Mold  
      Graphite Powder 
      Graphite Rod 
      Graphite Sheets   
      Other Graphite Products


      Aluminum Ingots  
      Antimony Ingots   
      Bismuth Ingots  
      Copper Ingots   
      Indium Ingots   
      Lead Ingots  
      Magnesium Ingots   
      Manganese Ingots  
      Other Ingots  
      Silicon Ingots  
      Steel Ingots  
      Tin Ingots  
      Titanium Ingots 
      Zinc Ingots


      Iron Pipes    
      Iron Wire  
      Other Iron
   Magnetic Materials
   Metal Scrap
      Aluminum Scrap 
      Copper Scrap  
      Iron Scrap  
      Lead Scrap 
      Other Metal Scrap  
      Stainless Steel Scrap  
      Steel Scrap  
      Titanium Scrap

Metal Slabs   

Mineral Wool   



Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit

      Barite  Bentonite  
      Other Non-Metallic Mineral Deposit   
      Sepiolite  Silica  Talc   


      Bauxite Ore  
      Chrome Ore  
      Copper Ore     
      Iron Ore  
      Lead Ore  
      Manganese Ore   
      Nickel Ore  
      Other Ore  
      Titanium Ore    
      Tungsten Ore   
      Zinc Ore

Other Metals & Metal Products    

Other Non-Metallic Minerals & Products    

Pig Iron    

Quartz Products

      Other Quartz Products  
      Quartz Crucible    
      Quartz Plate  
      Quartz Rods   
      Quartz Stone     
      Quartz Tubes

    Rare Earth & Products    



      Bearing Steel  
      Other Steel Products  
      Silicon Steel 
      Spring Steel

      Stainless Steel

             Other Stainless Steel  
             Stainless Steel Angles 
             Stainless Steel Balls   
             Stainless Steel Bars   
             Stainless Steel Channels    
             Stainless Steel Flats     
             Stainless Steel Pipes  
             Stainless Steel Sheets  
             Stainless Steel Strips  
             Stainless Steel Wire
      Steel Pipes

      Steel Profiles

             Flat Steel   
             Other Steel Profiles  
             Square Steel   
             teel Angles  
             Steel Channels 
             Steel H-Beams  
             Steel I-Beams
      Steel Rails  
      Steel Rebars  
      Steel Round Bars   
      Steel Sheets  
      Steel Strips     
      Steel Structures   
      Steel Wire   
      Structural Steel   


      Other Titanium  
      Titanium Bars  
      Titanium Foil  
      Titanium Pipes  
      Titanium Powder  
      Titanium Sheets  
      Titanium Wire




      Aluminum Wire Mesh  
      Copper Wire Mesh  
      Iron Wire Mesh  
      Other Wire Mesh  
      Steel Wire Mesh    


Process of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet/Plate :
Pay off reel → double cut shear → welder-notcher → entry accumulator → pre cleaning section → furnace → hot bridle → zinc pot → air knife → after cooler → water quench → dryer → skin pass mill → dryer → tension leveler → dryer → chemical coater → chemical oven → cooler → exit accumulator → oiler → exit shear → tension reel.


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