Data Table for Steel Grades:35S20A 
Mechanical Properties of Materials of grade steel:35S20A 
Tensile strength, Flexural strength, Compressive strength, Shear Strength, Tensional strength, Reduction area, Yield Strength, Elongation. 
Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of steel grade:35S20A 
0.32 - 0.39max 0.40.7 - 1.1max 0.060.15 - 0.25



Technological properties of grade steel:35S20A 
Hardness and heat treatment specification of steel grade:35S20A 
EN 10277-3: 2008 Bright steel products. Technical delivery conditions. Free-cutting steels EN 10087: 1999 Free cutting steels. Technical delivery conditions for semi-finished products, hot rolled bars and rods.
Rm - Tensile strength (MPa) (+QT)550-780
Nominal thickness (mm):  5 - 1010 - 1616 - 4040 - 6363 - 100
Rm - Tensile strength (MPa) (+C)640-880590-830560-800530-760510-680

Rp0.2 0.2% proof strength (MPa) (+QT)320-430
Nominal thickness(mm):  5 - 1010 - 1616 - 4040 - 6363 - 100
Rp0.2 0.2% proof strength (MPa) (+C)480400360340300

A - Min. elongation at fracture (%) (+QT)15-17
Nominal thickness (mm):    5 - 1010 - 1616 - 4040 - 6363 - 100
A - Min. elongation at fracture (%) (+C)67899

  Brinell hardness   (HBW):   (+SH)149 - 201
Mechanical Properties,Hardness and heat treatment specification.Machinability,Welding,Hot Working,Cold Working, Annealing,Tempering,Hardening,Heat treatment,etc.
salt-bath furnacecontrolled atmosphere furnace
235262788119112045~15air cooling52260
Hot-rolled/Cold rolling:5 - 15052041516~182a3.5a
(1) listed in the table apex diameter (d), to steel thickness (a) multiples said.
(2) in the internation steel standard specified scope can meet any additional conditions.
(3) from the standard for 50 mm (2 in).
Mechanical properties of Steelun.
Mechanische Eigenschaften of Steelun.
Caracteristiques mecaniques of Steelun.
ReH Minimum yield strength / Mindestwert der oberen Streckgrenze / Limite d’elasticite minimale
Rm Tensile strength / Zugfestigkeit / Resistance a la traction
A Minimum elongation / Mindestwert der Bruchdehnung / Allongement minimal
J Notch impact test / Kerbschlagbiegeversuch / Essai de flexion par choc
Steelun——China steel suppliers - Superior technology, Advanced equipment, Perfect procedure!
Alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat resisting steel, corrosion resistant steel, non-alloy steel, high alloy steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel, general structural steel, weldable steel, steels for quenching and tempering, cast steel, special steel, nitriding steel, free cutting steel, electrical steel, valve steel, spring steel, cast iron, soft solder alloy, special alloy, aluminium alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy, lead alloy, tin alloy.Steel description: Steelun.
Step Shaft: steel plate/sheet,coil,round bar,flat bar,tube/pipe,Profiled forgings
Steelun steel Specifications or Size:
Diameter : 1mm-2000mm
Size: 50mm * 50mm-600mm *600mm
Size: Thickness: 0.1mm-800mm Width: 10mm to 1500mm
Size: OD: 6-219mm WT: 1-35 mm.
Cold-rolled sheet: Thickness: 2-5mm Width:1000mm Length: 2000mm
Hot-rolled sheet: Thickness:6-80mm Width: 210-610mm
Length: We can supply any length based on the customer's requirement.
Forging/hot rolling/ extrusion of steel.
Forging: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes
Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering/any conditions based on the customer's requirement
Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finish)/ground/rough machining/fine machining/based on the customer's requirement
Furnaces for metallurgical processingelectrode arc + LF/VD/VOD/ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any in-perfections or based on the customer's requirement.
UTS according to SEP 1921 C/c,D/d,E/e;A388 or GB/T 6402
Excellent service for all kinds of industries, with advantages of technologies, equipment and price.
We serve you with our honesty, integrity, and Professionality.

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Application for the steelun :35S20A 
Electronics, Manufacturing, Electrical engineering, Mechanical systems, Industrial furnaces, Defense, Lighting, Semiconductor devices, Medical equipment, Automotive, Transistors, Equipment for the glass & ceramics industries, Aerospace, Solar energy, Optoelectronics, Components for electrical equipment, Electrodes, Radiographic equipment, Seals, Surface treatment & coating, Electronic components, Energy, Health care, Industrial machinery, Sputter targets, Aerospace materials, Equipment for petroleum & natural gas industry, Fuel cells, Wear parts, Relays, Valves, Microelectronics, Electronic tubes, Resistors, Optics & imaging, Optical equipment, Diodes, Discharge lamps, Equipment for chemical industry, Welding equipment, Moulds, Combustion engines, Aerospace engines & propulsion, Reactor engineering, Consumer goods, Fasteners, Precision mechanics, Sports equipment, Watches, Engine block & components, Radiation protection, Environment health safety, Aerospace on-board equipment & instruments, Construction, Nuclear energy, Car structual components, Cutting tools, Road vehicle systems, Horology, Oil & gas industry, Chipless working equipment, Compontents for aerospace construction, Generators, Ship building & marine structures, Switches, Machining(36) Plumbing, Power transformers, Bearings, Electric motors, Packaging, Electrical insulation, Inserts, Fittings, Gears, Wires, Gas cylinders, Outdoor sports equipment, Transformers & reactors, Composite industry, Housings, Bolts, Moulding equipment, Connectors, Electrical contacts, Cutting, Connecting devices, Refractories, Shears, Heating elements, Electrical accessories, Extrusion tools, Fluid systems, Forging die, Speakers, Food industry equipment, Bushings, Communications, Audio & video, Braking systems, Heat exchanger, Printed circuits, Pumps, Rolling extruding & drawing, Springs, Heating appliances, Thermal insulation, Mining industry, Telecommunications, Forging presses, Extrusion die, Mining equipment, Communication, Galvanic cells and batteries, Lubricants, Pressure vessels, Surface treatment and coating, Capacitors, Drilling & mine excavation, Additive manufacturing, Aerospace structures, Car interior components, Extraction & processing of petroleum & natural gas, Anodes, Metal fittings, Pressure regulators, Transmissions & suspensions, Welding, Brazing & soldering, Forming processes, Fuel systems, Plastics pipes, Turbine blade, Car structural components, Display devices, Equipment for the semiconductor industry, Forging tools, Gaskets, Resins for composite materials, Textile fibres, Electrical terminals, Architecture, Jewellery, Kitchen equipment, Lamps & related equipment, Maritime, Pins & nails, Pipelines, Punching tools, Shafts, Sterilized packaging, Testing, Textile industry, Textile machinery, Washers, Woodworking equipment, Fuses & ocp, Crash protection & restraint systems, Decorative trim, Marine fasteners, Mobile phone, Nanotechnology, Pump housings, Wood technology, Burners & boilers, Domestic electrical appliances, Nuts, Chemical tankers, Glass & ceramic insulation, Bobbins, Heat treatment, Hydropower, Metallurgy, Coating, Oil & gas, Paper, Paper industry, Structural components, Treatment & coating, Adhesives, Heat exchangers, Body structure, Building elements, Car body components, Car electronics, Chisels, Components for aerospace construction, Contact strips, Cookware, Dental instruments, Electrical housings, Equipment for paper industry, Equipment for the metallurgical industry, Equipment for the rubber & plastics industries, Flanges, Forging dies, Frame node, Gas & steam turbines, Handrails, Hoses, Hvac, Lamp caps & holders, Metalworking, O-rings, Oil and gas industry, Pipes, Reamers, Rivets, Rocker, Rolling bearings, Sciences, Shock tower, Batteries, Tableware, Woodworking tools, Sub frames, Air & exhaust ducting, Aluminium electrolytic capacitors, Appliances, Bending tools, Boilers & heat exchangers, Bottles, Brazing, Bright trim, Cable sheathing, Cables, Cases & boxes, Chemical industry, Composite reinforcements, Containers, Containers & tanks, Conveyors, Cryogenic vessels, Data storage, Dentistry, Doors & windows, Drilling equipment, Electrical vehicles, Filters, Fluid storage, Footwear, Air ducts, General automotive parts, Grinding machines, Implants for surgery & prosthetics, Laser equipment, Led-housings, Lubrication, Mirror housings, Miscellaneous domestic & commercial equipment, Mobile phones, Outdoor & water sports equipment, Pharmaceutics, Plug-and-socket & connectors, Plugs, Prepregs for composite materials, Pressure vessel, Production of metals, Screw conveyors, Screws, Sliding elements, Storage equipment, Surgical instruments, Telephone equipment, Toys, Transmissions, Furniture, Accommodation spaces, Air conditioning parts, Anaesthetic & respiratory equipment, Body care equipment, Body panels, Bottles jars, Brackets, Bumper, Cable clips, Cam, Car accessories, Car structure, Carrier, Catheters, Chemical processing, Chokes, Christmass equipment, Coating industry, Commercial truck, Components for conveyors, Conveyor parts, Cooling systems, Crankshaft covers, Cutlery, Cycles, Domestic refrigerating appliances, Downhol tools, Downhole drilling tools, Downhole tools, Drill bits, Drill collars, Driveline, Drones, Electroplating applications, Engine covers, Equipment for the chemical industry, Fastners, Films & sheets, Fishing tools, Floors, Food industry, Gas drilling, Glass to metal seals, Golfballs, Heat recovery, Heater housings, Hub, Hulls & structures, Hydraulics, Implants, Injection equipment, Interior trims, Lathes, Machine parts, Manifolds, Marine applications, Membranes, Military engineering, Minerals processing, Motors, Musical instruments, Noise insulation, Nuclear energy reactor engineering, Nuclear industry, Oil and gas wells and platforms, Oil filter parts, Oil production, Oil production equipment, Optical storage devices, Passenger & cabin equipment, Piezoelectrics, Pins, Pipework, Plastics & rubber insulation, Plastics fittings, Printed circuits & boards, Production equipment, Propellers, Protective gear, Pump shafts, Pumps & motors, Pup-joints, Rolling equipment, Rubber & plastic industries, Science, Seat structures, Skiing boots, Spark plug, Spindles, Sporting goods, Stationary containers & tanks, Storage tanks, Subs, Sunroof frames, Surgical instruments & materials, Suspension, Textile fabrics, Textiles, Threading dies, Thyristors, Tires, Vacuum technology, Ventilation equipment, Vessels, Wellhead equipment, Winter sports equipment, Wiper arms, Wires & cables, Marine engines & propulsion, Aerospace fuel system components, Air filters, Air induction system, Aircraft structure, Alkaline secondary cells & batteries, Aquaculture, Ash-trays, Automotive structure, Auxiliary materials & additives for plastics, Belt covers, Bicycle seats, Bicycle wheels, Bridge pins, Building accessories, Busbars, Buttons, Cables & wires, Canisters, Cans & tins, Caps, Car interior, Car lighting, Caster wheels, Ceiling panels, Ceilings, Circuit breaker, Circuit breakers, Coated fabrics, Coil insulation, Components & accessories for telecommunications equipment, Compressed air systems, Computers, Contact bridges, Contact clamp, Contact clamps, Contact-bridge, Containters, Control system, Conveyer belts, Couplings, Crates, Crossbar, Cutlery & flatware, Cycling grips, Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Dampersm scrubbers, Damping components, Data storage devices, Dental implants, Dentistry accessories, Diapers, Diaphragms, Dishwashers, Door handles, Downhole equipment, Drapes, Drilling jars, Ear taggers, Ear tags, Earthing rods, Egr sensors, Electrical housing, Electrical wires & cables, Electronic display devices, Engine mounts, Equipment for children, Equipment for petroleum & natural gas industries, Equipment for the composite industry, Equipment for the paper industry, Fans, Fasteners for aerospace, Fastening systems, Fibre optics, Fire protection, Fire-fighting, Flue gas desulphurization systems, Food processing, Fuel hoses, Fuel line, Fuses & other over current protection devices, Gas turbines, Gear housings, Glasses frame, Grip handles, Grommets, Hand-held tools, Hand-operated tools, Head protection, Headlamp frames, Heat exchangers in energy, Heat shields, Hose jackets, Hospital equipment, Houseware grips, Housing for electrical appliances, Impellers, In-tank insulators, Insulation, Insulators, Intercooler parts, Internal combustion engines for road vehicles, Kitchen utensils, Laboratory equipment, Ladles, Lamp holders, Lamps, Laundry appliances, Laundry appliances components, Levers, Luggage frame, Magnetic components, Air bag covers, Marine hardware, Marine hvac, Materials for aerospace construction, Materials industry, Mirror connectors, Motor ignition systems, Mounting fittings, Non-ferrous pipes, Nuclear reactors, Office equipment, Office machines components, Oi, Oil field equipment, Oil well tools, Ophthalmic equipment, Orthodontics accessories, Orthoses, Pen grips, Petrochemical, Petroleum industry, Petroleum production, Petrolum industry, Pharmaceutical capsules, Piping components, Pivot bearings, Plugs & sockets, Pneumatic chipping hammers, Pollution control, Pollution control equipment, Potentiometers, Powder metallurgy, Power plugs, Power tool housings, Power transmission, Pressure regulator housings, Printer cartridges, Printing rolls, Protective equipment, Pump components, Pump rings, Pump shafting, Punching die, Radome structure, Rail guides, Reels, Refinery equipment, Reflectors, Refrigerant hoses, Refuse bags, Respiratory protection, Rings, Roller bearings, Rollers, Roofs, Ropes, Sanitary, Screening, Screw cap, Sealing profiles, Seals & gaskets, Seats, Sewage plants, Shoe insoles, Small kitchen appliances, Sockets, Solar energy engineering, Soldering, Spatulas, Spigots, Spings, Sport equipment, Spring collets, Stairs, Steam locomotive parts, Studs, Sunglasses, Superconducting systems, 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The United States standard grade of steel representation methodAISIACIASTM, SAE,UNS,ANSI,
The German standard grade of steel representation method:DIN.
The Japan standard grade of steel representation method:JIS.
The Britain standard grade of steel representation method:BS.
The France standard grade of steel representation method:NF.
The Russia standard grade of steel representation method:ΓOCT.
The China standard grade of steel representation method:GB/T 221—2000/GB/T 17616—1998.
The Korea standard grade of steel representation method:KS.
The Taiwan(China) standard grade of steel representation method:CNS.
The Sweden standard grade of steel representation method:SS(SIS).
The international organization for standard grade of steel representation method:ISO.
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Use of steel
Iron and steel are used widely in the construction of roads, railways, other infrastructure, appliances, and buildings. Most large modern structures, such as stadiums and skyscrapers, bridges, and airports, are supported by a steel skeleton. Even those with a concrete structure employ steel for reinforcing. In addition, it sees widespread use in major appliances and cars. Despite growth in usage of aluminium, it is still the main material for car bodies. Steel is used in a variety of other construction materials, such as bolts, nails, and screws.
Other common applications include shipbuilding, pipeline transport, mining, offshore construction, aerospace, white goods (e.g. washing machines), heavy equipment such as bulldozersoffice furniture, steel wool, tools, and armour in the form of personal vests or vehicle armour (better known as rolled homogeneous armour in this role). Steel was the metal of choice for sculptor Jim Gary and a frequent choice for sculpture by many other modern sculptors.
Typical Mechanical Properties
Related Terms of steels
Usage of Steel.
Firstly, The structuralsteel,
1>The construction and engineering with the  structural steel is called  construction steel, it is used in building, bridges, ships, boilers or other engineering, it is the production of the metal structure of the steel. Such as carbon steellow alloy steelreinforced steel.
2>     Machinery manufacturing structural steel- steel structural parts for manufacturing machinery and equipment. For his style of steel, it  is basically a high-quality steel or high-quality steel, mainly has quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, easy to cut structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, etc.  
Generally used in the manufacture of a variety of tools, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed tool steel, etc. According to the usage, it can be divided into cutting tool steel, die steel, gauge steel.
Steel with special properties, such as acid-resistant stainless steel, heat cannot afford leather steel, high resistance alloy  steel, wear-resistant steel, magnet steel, etc.
This means the steel professional use of the various industrial sectors, such as automotive steel, farm machinery steel, aviation and steel, chemical machinery steel, boiler steel, electrical steel, welding rod steel.
(1)Ordinary steel, more elements containing impurities in the steel, P O.05%,S 0.045%,such as carbon steel, low-alloy structural steel, etc.
(2)Quality steel, less elements containing impurities in the steel 0.04%,S 0.04%, such as high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel, spring steel , bearing steel ,etc.
(3) High quality steel, fewer elements containing impurities in the steel ,S O.03%,P  0.035%, such as alloy structural steel and tool steel. High quality steel behind the steel grade, it is usually added the symbol "A" or the Chinese character "high" in order to be recognized.

Delivery Status of steel,
   Reliability,Trustworthiness.Hand in hand!We work together and build a long mutual business relationship with you for the steel grade!Warmly welcome!

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